My first sprint: The Cathedral sprint 2014

I wanted for a long time to join a Plone sprint but due to various reasons I did not find the time and possibility until now. I have been doing Plone consultancy services for around 5 years now, and contributing to Plone core for around 1.5 years, so it was definitely time to join a sprint and get some work done and meet the other core developers.

The main purpose of the sprint was to get a alpha version ready of Plone 5, and I think that goal was almost reached, even though some tests were still failing in the end of the sprint. The sprint took place in Köln/Cologne, and me and my colleague, Thomas Mogensen, joined the full sprint (5 days), sponsored by our employer Headnet ApS.

The tasks, which were to be completed, were divided in to 5 different categories whereas the first two had the highest priority (theme and js):

I went to work on “cleanup” and my colleague went to work on some mockup/js issues. I really felt motivated getting rid of the legacy zope.formlib (and replace with z3c.form) and most of the CMF skin resources there are left in Plone, so I got started on doing some work. Unfortunately I got just some of the CMF skin resources rewritten, but I am quite satisfied with the progress anyway.

The results of my work are the following pull requests:

Timo Stollenwerk did plan and arrange the sprint. He did an excellent job. Every evening he had made dinner reservations, so people that were interested in eating together had the opportunity. Furthermore there were also events planned, for example, a site-seeing tour of the city of Cologne which was very interesting. I did enjoy the evenings a lot, it was nice to talk with the other developers when we were not sitting in front of our computers. The sprint was hosted by GFU Cyrus AG, that provided an excellent sprint location for us with great rooms, great lunch, free coffee/tea, sweets, etc; really nothing to complain about.

In conclusion, I am definitely looking forward to go to yet another Plone sprint, and I did enjoy the days in Köln a lot.


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  1. It was great to meet you, and I’m looking forward to getting those pull requests merged now that the bulk of the widgets/barceloneta stuff has landed!

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